Making a Claim

The first step in making a claim is to call your Agent. This will help us get your claim process started quickly so you can get back to enjoying the nicer days of Winter. To contact your agent click here.

Please make temporary repairs to prevent further damage, but keep receipts for any materials you buy. They may be reimbursed when you present your claim.

Do not make any permanent repairs until we have inspected the damage for your claim.

Beware of Storm Chasers.

After a major storm, you may find people at your door looking to inspect the roof or siding for damage. Please do not let anyone on your roof without ensuring they are from a reputable organization and are licensed to do inspections.

Be present while any contractor inspects your property. Some dishonest companies have been known to cause damage to increase the repair cost.

Finally, be aware that some individuals may claim to get you more money for your claim if you hire them. However, these public adjusters take part of your claim settlement. We ask that you let our adjusters work with you, as we want to make sure your claim is settled quickly and to your satisfaction.

We appreciate your business and hope you are enjoying the Winter season.

Our Agents are located throughout Missouri, so you can find an agent in your community and get the coverage you need.

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